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Being one step ahead of


“Our aim is to have a structure that adapts to the growth and radical change in the aeronautical market, explains Thierry Haure Mirande, CEO. AÉROPROTOEC banks on reliability, quality, lead times and competitive prices. Being one step ahead means integrating environmental issues on our sites and enhancing the skills sets of our teams.”



“In our profession, it’s experience in the field that counts. I decided to combine management competencies with know-how in the field. AÉROPROTEC sets itself apart through its capacity to manufacture parts that are highly complex because of their shape or very strict geometric tolerances. It’s one of our strong points.”



“AÉROPROTEC stands out from the crowd through its innovation and R&D hub, which is preparing the technological switchover with the production teams. Our profession is to provide services, and in both human and technological terms it means doing the best we can giving the very best and being present alongside our customers to advise and support them in their projects.”



“Maintaining performance in spite of increasingly high demands, and being responsive are some of our strengths. Thanks to the LEAN package, we are involved in a continuous improvement process for our tools, methods and the versatility of our teams. Our service rate is 90% on the number of orders delivered on time, and our aim is 100% OTD.”

“We make a point of delivering services that meet our customers’ demand for quality for all types of parts. Our ambition is to become market leader in highly technical parts with specific geometries or high criticality, while maintaining the same high standards in treatment techniques whatever the product in hand. Beyond this technical aspect, the human touch is still at the heart of our profession, which is why we are working to develop our own training modules in surface treatment professions.


As we are always striving for continuous improvement, we work relentlessly on our production flows using a LEAN Manufacturing package, in order to offer our customers a high-quality operational and logistics service.”


“Responsiveness and respecting lead times are crucial aspects in our profession. We operate on all types of cycles from 24 hours to 20 days for the most complex product ranges. Our objective for the near future is to achieve 100% OTD negotiated with our customers. In order to improve our organization, we have introduced a LEAN package, revised our production flows, and reorganized certain lines which has helped us reduce our manufacturing cycle times. We have also joined the SPACE project as part of our drive to improve our competitive edge.


Finally, responsiveness also means giving pertinent answers to requests for quotations and technical consultations in order to plan ahead for the industrial resources required for production.”

“Customer service is a core value in our profession: for us, it naturally means quality deliveries on time, but also advising our clients on alternative technical solutions and innovative treatments. Customer service also means helping out, and to do so, we have adapted our production cycles by including a “hotline” flat-rate to better meet our customers’ needs.


We want to forge robust, long-term partnerships with all our customers in technical and operational terms and also from an interpersonal point of view. A trusting relationship is crucial when tackling the current fundamental changes in the market.”

OEMs and full list of certifications. The documents are available for download. If you have any questions, please contact us by phone on +33 (0)5 59 84 95 20 or via the contact page on our website.