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An environmentally-friendly industrial tool


In compliance with the environmental requirements of the DREAL (French regional directorates for the environment, land-use planning and housing) and the European REACH directive on CMR substances, AÉROPROTEC is aiming to stop using critical chemicals and any substances that are harmful to health. This substitution program concerns seven chemical substances used in 90% of workshop processes.


The group is already concerned with the issue of resources, in particular the water used in surface treatment (approximately eight litres of water per square metre of surface treated). In its integrated effluent treatment station, AÉROPROTEC has set itself a zero discharge objective and therefore complete recycling/reuse of the treated water.

Photovoltaic panels will be installed on the Serres-Castet site which is aiming for energy independence.


Regarding fire protection and the management of atmospheric emissions, here again, the company is engaged in a continuous improvement procedure and calls on the advice and expertise of the different local players: the Departmental Fire and Emergency Service, the DREAL for the Aquitaine region, and subcontractor partners (A.T.I. Services, Bureau VERITAS, etc.). This approach has led to the company being referenced today by one of its customers as an example in fire protection in their panel of suppliers.


At the heart of our profession, we are committed to managing environmental risks and to respecting the applicable standards and rules. We are constantly seeking new high-performance processes that respect the environment.