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Competencies, quality, lead times: three key words
to pave the way for the future

Thierry HAURE Mirande

CEO of the  Group
“Our profession is one that provides a service. We have decided to give our SME a strong structure in order to respond to the radical changes in the aeronautical sector.”

“The creation of AÉROTECH Tunisia in 2007 opened access to the international market, while the AÉROPROTEC PAU sites focus on customers in France and Europe. My perception of the profession and my objectives are simple: be the best and continue to confirm our position as an excellence hub. It is a calculated ambition, made possible today thanks to motivated teams and compelling managerial staff who drive know-how.


In our professions, hands-on experience always comes out on top. Human verifications are always crucial. We have implemented a Lean Manufacturing package in order to improve industrial methods and lessen constraints while staying true to the company’s DNA. In order to evolve, our company must mix its past with its future. We sell what we are. Our customers need to understand our identity. In return, we must always propose competencies, qualities and lead times.

People at the heart of our profession

Being the best means planning ahead, being a pioneer, building strategies, organizing ourselves in order to fulfil them again and again. Whether in terms of production, industrial development or research and development, the group affirms its signature trademark: focusing on people to prepare the technological switchover, being a leading advisory source. We create haute couture in surface treatment, but we also know how to make prêt-à-porter. Our reputation for quality and conscientiousness has been built on our capacity to handle complex parts and yet being able to deal just as well with standard ones. Our quality requirements are the same for all product classes.

“The high technicality of our products is a true asset”

“I’d like us to be a company that people recommend. Very few companies like ours have developed and R&D hub and on-site services. We have acquired a status as a pilot-company which sets us in fourth place on a national scale. Our development method requires us to think about what our professions will be in the future. As CEO, I have to always be alert, my finger on the pulse, someone who takes risks to give added value to his industrial tools and employees.”

Sylvain Amand

R&D manager
doctor in materials sciences and ingineering
“We have to stand out from the crowd, prepare the future by proposing original and alternative points of view. We have to succeed in making the technological switchover on substitute processes while pursuing our determined innovation commitment in R&D and diversifying our activities.”

Patrick Loubère

production manager

“People are still at the heart of our profession.
I firmly believe in participative management. We are lucky enough to be one of the most qualified French sites in terms of the number of certifications we have. It’s a major asset and a real source of pride for our teams.”

Vincent Simonet

industrial manager
“Our structure evolves in a context of continuous improvement which has enabled us to reduce our cycle times, accompany our customers, and gain access to new markets. Our development focuses in particular on complex parts, in a context where Aeronautical and Environmental requirements are undergoing fundamental change.”